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Providing the finest quality professional face painting in Northern New Jersey for 501c3 and community service organizations. Sorry, no private birthday parties.
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Using Face Painting as a Force for Good!

I believe that face painting is a magical and powerful thing.
I have seen a dying child transformed into a fierce tiger.
That experience changed me.
And I want to use my face painting to change others and to change the world.

My face painting practice is devoted to spreading the magic of face painting to individually who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience this.

I would like to partner with your non-profit, community group or 501c3 organization to bring the amazing experience of becoming someone else through the power of face painting to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity. And to support your fundraising efforts.
I also welcome the opportunity to bring pregnant belly painting to organizations that provide services for pregnant women.

My regular rate was $175/hr but I am available to Non Profit organizations for a $75/hr kit fee to cover the cost of my supplies.  2 hour minimum applies.
Northern New Jersey ONLY please. NYC organizations can be accommodated with additional fees to cover transportation costs.

Having a Tricky Tray or Silent Auction? I'll be glad to donate a gift certificate.

While my client list speaks for itself, I understand that organizations that serve sensitive populations may need to run a background check.

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Professional face painting volunteer
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The Guggenheim Museum
5 years in a row
Tribeca Film Festival
6 years in a row

Major League Baseball
2008 Fan Fest at the Javitz Center

Chelsea Market
5 years in a row.
US Open - Arthur Ashe Kids Day 6 years in a row
-"awesome and so popular"

Club Kosher Tours
6 International Trips! Performances in Puerto Plata, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta & Jamaica.
Kiddie Cruises-6 cruises-
"Thank you so much for all your hard work. You really helped make the Kiddie Cruise a special Event! Take care and we'll call you as soon as we start sailing again!"

South Street Seaport
2 years. Chosen as one of only 8 performers to perform for the Winter Holiday Season
Cooper Hewitt Museum-
"Thank you for such a wonderful job at our Family Festival. We received high praise for your work!"

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts-
"A HUGE thank you to you for adding the perfect amount of color to our opening night party.  It was truly amazing!"
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Ready to amaze guests at your  non-profit or community event in NNJ!!!

Moogie specializes in Full Face Face Painting. It's more fun to be something else than to have a heart on your cheek! And it really doesn't take much longer! Moogie paints 15 faces per hour! Moogie only uses hypoallergenic FDA approved face paints and does not use glitter which can damage one's eyes.
What type of face painting experience do you want for your child?
I'm sure you want it to be fun, creative and most importantly safe.

Who do they want to see when they look in the mirror?
Will they be a fierce dinosaur? A beautiful peacock? A friendly or ferocious tiger? Moogie paints princesses (flower, jewel, mermaid, rainbow & heart ones!), Flowers, Kittens in a rainbow of colors, Puppies with or without spots, Leopards & Lions, Scenes from the deepest oceans & darkest space, Skeletons and Rainbows, Snakes, Bunnies & Monkeys and Butterflies, Tropical Sunsets, Watermelons & Pumpkins but NO CABBAGES! Don't even ask! Moogie's face painting menu has a lot of choices and if you'd like to be something that isn't on it, you just need to ask...unless you want to be a cabbage! 
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charity event face painting NJ
neighborhood groups face paintings Allow 1 hour for 15 guests. Please remember that additional time beyond that which is reserved cannot be guaranteed so please plan accordingly.

Want to Learn to Face Paint?
Moogie teaches classes for adults in her NJ studio.
Email for info!
Not local to NJ/NYC? No Problem! 
Watch her videos on how to paint a tiger , clown , camo , vampire or cat. 
Want to learn more or need some great books of games for your party? Check out Moogie's books, ebooks and instructional downloads!
Also available on Amazon.
Moogie's Face Painting Book

347-725-1213     moogieland@gmail.com     908-725-1213

Anyone can post an impressive list of corporate clients. The true test is would hire you again?
Moogie's made over 70 appearances for the Courier News!, performed at The Guggenheim Museum Members Holiday Party for 5 years in a row, facepainted at The US Open Arthur Ashe Kids Day 6 years in a row, facepainted at The Tribeca Film Festival 6 years in a row, went on 6 international trips with Club Kosher Tours, face painted three times on cruises for Royal Caribean and 5 times for Kiddie Cruises.  She's also performed multiple times for the TJ Martell Foundation Family Day, Radio Disney, Chelsea Markets (every Halloween and Easter for 5 years in a row), The Jointure (numerous classes and afterschool programs) , The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Lucent Technologies, AT&T, Kids R Us, The United Way of Somerset County, McDonald's, Burger King, Toys R Us, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Rutgers University,  American Cancer Society, The International House of Pancakes, Supremo Supermarkets & others.
New Jersey face painting
What do they say about Moogie?

I liked Moogie better than the pony! 
-Matthew, Birthday Boy, Age 4
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rainbow butterfly face painting in NJ
On behalf of the Child Life Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the children and face-paint with them. I can assure you that they were very excited to have such a special visitor come see them.
Your thoughtfulness and support is greatly appreciated by the patients, families, and staff alike. RoByn, you really help us make a difference in the children's emotional state. I can assure you that you definitely brought a smile to their faces, as well as brought a little sunshine into their hearts!
-Chris Flood, CCLS, Child Life Coordinator
Northern NJ Passaic County face painting Paterson NJ face painter
Bergen County face painter Thank you for your participation in the Guggenheim Museum's Annual Holiday Party in December.  The party was a huge success!
Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm.  
-Lesley Alpert, (former) Manager of Membership Marketing, Guggenheim Museum
Hudson County NJ face painter North NJ face painting events
professional face painters in NNJ On behalf of myself and hundreds of guests at our recent family vacation, we'd like to thank you for the endless joy you brought to everyone you came into contact with. You are a true artist with special talent, and every single person, aged 2 to 90, loved your work. If anyone ever needs a face painter, you are the first person they have to contact! I should be the second person, so I could give them the best possible recommendation."
Charles F. Rosenay, www.clubkosher.com
NJ face painter children's event face painting
NJ face painting Thank you for your appearance at my daughter's 9th birthday party. The children really enjoyed themselves as well as the parents.  The videotape is going to bring many memories of this party. You did a marvelous job on the facepainting...wonderful art. Some children didn't want to wash it off their faces when they went home. Again, thank you and I wish you much success in this field of entertainment.
-Adela Lopez, Mom
face painting for adults in NJ dog face painting
NJ clown face painting I want to thank you for your outstanding appearances you've done for us here at the ballpark over the years.
Your face painting on our concourse has provided excellent entertainment for our young fans. Many times during a game, I would walk by and there would be a constant line waiting for you to paint the next fan's face.  You are a delight to work with and you work very well with the kids, not to mention your tireless work ethic.
Moogie, I would recommend you to anyone who may be interested in having you entertain at a function.
-Dave Merek, Assistant General Manager, Somerset Patriots
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mouse face painting
The face painting was particularly exceptional. The children (and I!) were thrilled with the results.
I look forward to another event when Moogie the Clown can help the library celebrate reading.
-Beth Hirt, Head of Children's Services, Somerville Public Library
face painting for libraries face painting for rec programsface painting recreation programs
volunteer face painting It was a pleasure to have Moogie the Clown attend the 2002 Wildlife Art & Carving Show. We greatly appreciate you bringing your very special talent and unique artwork to our show.  The children, adults, staff and artists loved your face painting.  It was definitely one of the highlights of the show.
In the future I hope to see Moogie the Clown at more park commission events. Our entire staff wishes to thank you for your face painting, humor and the hundreds of smiles you created at our show.-
John M. Kontier, Env. Sci. Events Specialist, Somerset Co. Park Commission
community event face painting northern NJ face painters
festival face painting

Thanks for all your help in making our fair experience wonderful- Hope you'll pencil us in for next year
-Chris Rose, Somerset County Youth Services Department
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professional face painter

I've seen alot of face painters, but Moogie, you are stupendous! You're a true artist! 
-Ralph the Great, Children's Comedian

347-725-1213     moogieland@gmail.com     908-725-1213
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2nd Place
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Honorable Mention
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Honorable Mention
1 Minute Contest
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Honorable Mention
 Snazaroo Zooside Contest
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Honorable Mention
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Honorable Mention
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Honorable Mention
Snazarro Belly Contest

Honorable Mention
Snazaroo Adult Contest

Honorable Mention
Snazaroo Cat Contest

Honorable Mention
Snazaroo Wizard of Oz Contest

Honorable Mention
Snazaroo Cat Contest

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Honorable Mention
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Honorable Mention
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Pregnant belly painting
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